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Welcome to Great Expectations Fort Worth, where we bring singles together in a safe, professional and exciting way. With Great Expectations, Fort Worth singles can look forward to the prospects of dating again! Our professional dating service have effectively identified many of the problems associated with dating, and have done well to prevent them from surfacing between Great Expectations members in Ft Worth. Issues like privacy, compatibility, and other points that participants couldn’t possibly forecast without the intervention of a knowledgeable middleman. That’s our service to you. We lay the groundwork for long-lasting relationships by screening singles, making matches, and planning Fort Worth singles events.

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At Great Expectations Fort Worth, we have placed safety at the very top of our priority list. Our first line of action involves screening each new applicant for safety, by conducting intensive background and credit checks. With the intent of matching Fort Worth singles that are socially responsible and financially stable, our relationship experts are very thorough when conducting these preliminary examinations. We want dating to be fun again, and that is only possible when participants feel safe and comfortable. Read More... Read More →



Dating is supposed to be a private thing, but with online matchmaking sites, the process has become compromised and cheapened. When users create accounts with sites such as Facebook or Myspace, their information is stored and made permanently available for anyone to access – making identity theft and stalking a legitimate concern. At Great Expectations Fort Worth, we keep all of our member’s personal information private and offline. Profile information is only shared with potential matches, and only with their expressed... Read More →



Finding real companionship isn’t easy, but with Great Expectations, our Fort Worth singles have statistics on their side. When it comes to meeting honest, real people, we know that the cards are stacked against busy singles and professionals, who spend the lion’s share of their waking life growing a career, among other demanding responsibilities. But with Great Expectations’ video personals, our members can quickly and easily begin to narrow the field. As a member, you’ll browse through in-depth video profiles... Read More →


Serious Singles

Many of life’s most rewarding moments have resulted from hard work and serious approaches. Not to say that dating should only be about pragmatism, but a balanced perspective that allows for seriousness at times and felicity at others. That said, Great Expectations isn’t for everyone, because you wouldn’t want it that way. We’re the dating service for serious singles in Fort Worth. Our qualified, reputable singles are approved by our team of matchmakers have high standards for themselves and expect the same from... Read More →


Singles Events

At Great Expectations Forth Worth, we have taken action to create a community for singles to mingle and meet, because we know that meeting new people is always the hardest part of dating. Fort Worth singles can mix and meet at monthly events, that our team of dating experts design, in hopes of sparking interest between members. From limo pub-crawls to speed dating nights, our singles have the most fun, which translates into the most opportunity! With their worries behind them, our Fort Worth singles can then feel confident... Read More →


Experienced Matchmaking

Great Expectations Fort Worth is the most experienced matchmaking service around, and as honest, serious singles, our clients understand the value of experience. That is why they have selected us as their travel guide on one of life’s most important journeys – the search for lasting companionship. We have been playing matchmaker in Fort Worth for more than thirty years and our approach is simple – we take our job case-by-case. Our experience has taught us a very important rule: each client has unique interests, goals... Read More →

The main focus that we center around is YOU! And with all that we have to offer, we hope that you will chose us. In return, you will receive our best upscale dating services.

At Great Expectations Fort Worth, we understand that there isn’t a formula to dating that works in every situation. That’s what separates our group from the likes of online dating communities and un-established networking services - we tailor our methods to fit our individual clients needs, values and interests. We practice unique methods at every step of the way because our clients are unique and the challenges that Fort Worth singles have to face are constantly changing.

Don’t wait for Mr. or Mrs. Right to come galloping into your life – it may never happen. Instead, be proactive! You are a professional with reasonable aims, and love isn’t too much to ask. Allow Great Expectations to help you in your pursuit of companionship. Don’t leave your future to mere chance! Join our exciting community of singles today, and start moving towards the companionship you deserve.

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Christian Singles

Great Expectations is the best opportunity that Fort Worth Christian singles have for finding Godly companionship in North Texas. Our value-based community of Christian singles... [Read more]


Single Parents

As a single parent, finding the time to date can be a seemingly impossible task. Meeting new people (and quality people at that) is a rare happening, but all that can change with... [Read more]


Divorced Singles

If you’re a Fort Worth divorced single that is ready for a new start, you are in the right place! Great Expectations is an experienced dating service with a program that... [Read more]


Fitness Singles

Want to meet Fort Worth singles that value their bodies and have made fitness a priority? You can meet them through Great Expectations – the most reliable dating service in... [Read more]


Mature Singles

Meet professional and mature singles in our community at Great Expectations Fort Worth. Our personable matchmakers have been arranging dates and joining couples for more than... [Read more]

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20 Something Singles

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30 Something Singles

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Over 40 Singles

Experience has been our key to success as matchmakers in Fort Worth, and as a 40 something single, we think you’ll agree that experience is everything. You’ve come... [Read more]


Singles Over 50

If you’re single and over 50, then you’re in the right place. Great Expectations Fort Worth has more than thirty years of experience playing cupid for members who are in their... [Read more]


Senior Singles

If you’re a Fort Worth senior and looking for reliable companionship, Great Expectations can help. Our team of experienced matchmakers has an impressive reputation for successfully... [Read more]